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Ali brings his own unique empowerment to people's lives. His infectious positivity and belief is a gift that he passes on to all around him. Ali came into my life by accident, but has helped me come to terms with many things that I never even knew were holding me back. He brings true empathy and understanding from personal experience and real life, and can do nothing but enhance your life in whatever channel you choose to engage him in.
Mark Leonard Sales Manager.
Ali's coaching has empowered me to have confidence in my own abilities and avoid feelings of overwhelm. Having changed careers from teaching to property investing Ali was able to get me to realise that I had many transferable skills that I wasn't aware of. He has a direct approach that really helps with time management and feelings of overwhelm. Ali's coaching has empowered me to take control of my growing business and made me aware of negative "self talk" that was holding me back. I would highly recommend Ali and can't thank him enough for the confidence and self belief he has given me.
Gemma Jennings Professional Property Investor
Ali is an incredibly energetic, inspirational & committed life coach. He listens intently and guides you through exercises which truly help you to understand and grow to accept your circumstances, thus enabling you to move forward.
Ali's approach is quite unique in that he explains the theory, strategies and approaches utilised in each session. This helps you to "buy into" the right mindset that will bring about results. Be it personal or business related, Ali facilitates conversations that help you to understand the root of current obstacles and guide you through how you might combat these. Ali creates a very relaxed atmosphere and although conversations can be difficult and emotional at times, he helps you to recognise that these sessions are perhaps where the most progress is made. I continue to enjoy working with Ali and living a life of no limits.
Rebecca Life Coaching Client
I would definitely highly recommend working with Ali as a business and personal coach. As an entrepreneur it's so easy to lose focus, get distracted and become de-motivated or even doubtful of your dreams & goals.
Ali is amazing at getting you to stay on track and reignite the fire that got you started in the first place. I think having someone to be accountable to and have an outside perspective on your goal path is critical when trying to achieve success. One of the main things I wanted out of my coaching was honesty.
I didn't want parenting style coaching but harsh realities of what it I need & should be doing. No room for excuses type coach. The last great thing Ali is amazing at is breaking complicated systems and processes down. Coming from a similar sports background Ali would emphasise his points or stories to relatable achievements I had in sports which would then quicken my understanding of the process. Definitely one of the best investments I've made this year.
As Warren Buffet, the wealthiest investor in the world, says; "The best investment you can make is in yourself"
Harry Wycherley Online Video Marketing Specialist. (Connected Influence)
I had the great pleasure to be coached by Ali. I started this collaboration with expectations, and I must confess that he exceeded all of them. Although, modestly, Ali considers himself "young in the coaching area", his skills are developed, ripe and mature. One of the greatest features that distinguishes him as a coach is his personality, which plays a major role in building a manner, a style. If one adds (among other elements) his solid education and training, positive determination, firmness, the purpose to be always there for his clients, one gets satisfaction after each coaching session. In a nutshell, Ali is the ideal co-pilot one needs to win the race.
Mirela Iacob International Translator
For anybody needing focus and direction in their lives/business I recommend this! Steadfast Coaching has allowed me to overcome many of obstacles and limiting beliefs. You will be amazed by your own potential.
John Edmiston Martial Arts school owner
Ali has the ability to gently combine the softness approach with the straight and firm incentive to move forward. An excellent listener, with a clear mind, who will keep the focus on the greatness in you until whatever keeps you away from your goals disappears.
Ema Nicola Theatre Director
Couldn’t recommend Steadfast Coaching and Ali Temple enough!
Absolutely 5 stars from me. I had the pleasure and privilege to attend one of his seminars and it was honestly eye opening! I’ve watched videos and listened to high performance podcasts before, but Ali has an amazing gift as a speaker and coach. He can get into the small corners of your mind and make radical changes in your mindset.
I’ve heard things before but they didn’t really sink in because they were just ideas and mantras. Ali managed to connect all these ideas, there and then, with actions. It just feels like it all makes sense! Change is happening... and I only attended his workshop so far I can imagine he can do wonders as a personal coach. Honestly, great combination of expertise and a lovely personality.
Filippa Kout Business Owner
What can I say??? Thank you Ali probably doesn’t cover it. You have given both Harris and I a chance to rewire our brains and the difference is amazing so far.
Anyone thinking change is not possible... you need to give it at least one session with Steadfast coaching.
Dawn & Harris Johnstone Mother & Son
Ali has coached me since October and I have found great benefit in his coaching. He is client focused in his approach and is very knowledgeable. Just signed up for another 6 sessions.
Find great benefit in these sessions as a small business owner and as a person looking to improve him self, life and business. Well done keep up the great work
Bryan Robertson Business Owner
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