Ali Temple

Having lost my father suddenly at the age of 14 my mental health became a loosing battle. Throughout my teenage years and into adulthood I struggled with deep feelings of depression, anxiety and the effects of trauma.

Tiring of self sabotage and witness my own destruction I realised that I simply didn’t have the tools to improve this.

I began looking for help in psychotherapy, coaching and reading a wide variety of mindset, psychology and spirituality books. I embarked on what was to become a life’s obsession. To answer the question, why do I feel the way I do?

That's not the whole story.

As I development my mind and worked to let go of my past I also itched with a burning desire to do something different. So when presented with an opportunity I left my job at one of the country’s top marketing agencies to join the Circus. Literally!

For the next 15 years I worked all over world as a professional acrobat at some of the biggest and most prestigious events in the world. From live TV, London 2012 Olympics, Monaco Formula 1 GP to clients such as Nike, Virgin and Sony. I performed my own act by request and direct booking only and established myself as one of the most highly skilled and successful performers in the UK.

After a hugely fulfilling career and having learned so much I now had a huge desire to contribute to others. I believed I had a lot to share from what I’d I learned in my own journey and driven by a deep desire to help others I chose go on and train as a Coach.

I trained and qualified with the UK’s leading Coaching training organisation where I was awarded a Distinction, the highest grade achievable.

I now coach people in various countries around the world online as well as in person in Scotland in all areas of mindset, personal development, business and property investing. I’ve turned my greatest pain and into my strongest asset giving me a deep understanding of human behavior and collected a wealth of first hand knowledge about what it takes to be both happy and successful. It allows me to coach others with experience, wisdom and intuition. Most importantly my combined skills in mindset and success means my coaching is highly effective at getting results.

If you’re serious about getting serious, then I'd love to hear from you.

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