Inspiring change through knowledge and education.

I’m hugely passionate about giving talks and workshops.

I take the principles that govern motivation, change, development and success and deliver them in a way that can be implemented in a practical way that achieves real results.

Current Workshops

The Wellness Workshop - Mechanics of the Mind

Understanding why we feel the way we do, but more importantly how to change that. Teaching you practical tools for how to take control over your happiness, be the person you want to be, overcome the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back and understand what I call, the mechanics of your mind.

The Motivation Myth - How to get and stay “motivated”.

Motivation is a concept we throw around a lot. But our relying on motivation isn’t enough. This workshop is about understanding what truly motivates us then more importantly, how to stay productive when it starts to fade! (This is highly effective when combined with the Effective Change workshop!).

Effective Change - Making changes that last.

Life and business is about constantly evolving, the process of on going change. Making changes that last can be challenging. This workshop breaks down the mechanics of what drives change, how to transition smoothly and how to make it last.

Good to Great - Becoming Literate in the language of success.

A workshop for staff development or those looking for better results and outstanding performance in either your personal life or business. This workshop breaks down the principles of success and teaches practical and usable skills that will increase the ability to take effective action for better results.

Additional Info

Workshops can be tailored to suit the timings you have available. Each of the listed workshops would have an deal minimum 60 minute time slot. Many of my workshops are complimentary to each other. If you have a big event or staff training day and would be interested in different sessions throughout, just let me know and I can offer different sessions to the same group.

Have a message that you want delivered?

If you have a specific need or topic within your organisation that you would like to deliver training and development on, then I can create bespoke workshops unique to you.

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